Saturday, April 16, 2011

Trek: David Carson, Recent Werk

Trek: David Carson, Recent Werk
Trek is a collection of David Carson's most evocative photographs: everyday people, places and objects transformed through an extraordinary sense of color, free association, and vision. An original way of seeing that elevates deceptively ordinary snapshots into elegant 'painted' images that are charged with an eerie kind of beauty.

With Trek, David Carson is deftly shuffling the deck, bridging an elusive gap between two different genres. These images represent every corner of the world, and what he's chosen to record is usually what we would miss, that carsonesque spot where his eye rests.

David Carson's photography was exhibited in San Francisco and London in 1999, and is currently touring Europe. He won the International Center of Photography's coveted award for best use of design in photography. He works out of New York as film director, lecturer, designer, consultant, and author.


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